Hi, I’m Karina and I am a mother of four! I have learned that there are no handbooks written on how to successfully be a mother, especially to 4 different personalities. Some of us tend to beat ourselves up over things that are inevitable. I’ve learn and recited this phrase to get through with small and big challenges that may impact my emotions deeply.

“You can’t control the things out of your control”

I have been working on this for a few years now and kept it active, because I know this is something I want to do and complete! How many of you MoMs have started something and didn’t complete it? It happens right? Guess what? It is OK! you hold the key to your life and your future. it doesn’t matter how long it takes, but I want to inspire you to complete something you wanted to do not including your kids. Something for you MoMs because we still deserve greatness in our personal lives. We are more than MoMs and we are more than statistics.

I lost my job recently, but I did not lose my dreams and aspiration of what I want to accomplish. I wanted to get back into blogging to share my journey in the next chapter of my life. I hope you stick around and gain insights as well. You never know, you may want to accomplish some of the same things. I will do my best to share valuable information on this site.

Karina’s Keeper is like the phrase “My sister’s Keeper”. I wanted to create a space for MoMs around the world to share thoughts, frustration, solutions, and motivations. Being a mother and facing life can be overwhelmed at times. Sometimes it is good to share your experience without judgement and laugh about it.