Meal Prep is not for a 9-5 MoM

How many have found themselves intrigued by watching YouTube videos of meal prepping and snack prepping for their family on a weekly basis? I know I have! I probably watched every single video pertaining to it. Guess what I did? I went out shopping for grocery and supplies to actually give it a twirl. I was super excited as if I was about to save the world and conquer this motherhood finally. I had all my color markers on deck to label the bags and cartons to hold the bags to be more organized. So much joy and anxiety to see the end results. I started preparing the snacks first and said I would cook later.

Downhill madness! First off, make sure you have eaten a sensible meal before doing this, but not too much where you get the itis! This was a bit extreme and I wanted someone to come and tag me out. I needed a break. I couldn’t even finish preparing the snacks. Remind you I have 4 kids plus myself! I’m exhausted typing the number 4.

Everything else came to mind as if I was going through some kind of withdrawal. I was having regrets questioning myself “am I this crazy to think I can meal/snack prep along with all the other task that needed to be completed before Monday?”, “I just had to have 4 kids!, not 2 but 4”. I then had to do a process of elimination as to what will not get done this weekend so my kids and I can go to our bed at a decent time.

Needless to say, it was a very smooth Monday morning because everything was packaged. It allowed me to have more time to do things and move at a comfortable pace. It does help monitor what the kids eat and how much they eat. Usually, they help their self and don’t think about the next day, which is expensive for a single mother like myself.

Will I be doing this again? Absolutely to the…… NO! I’ll prob do it for every 2-3 days but that’s about it. My time is valuable and I rather spend it with my kids and other worthy things. If there is a single working mother of 4 or more kids, that are meal and snack prepping, I would like to say “God bless your heart! You go girl”. When you are finish at your house come see me.

Signing off MoM Keeper

I am my sisters keeper

Anxiety Thursday

Am I the only one who stays up on a Thursday night eager for Friday to get here? I find so much energy on a Thursday night and I utilize it to do a lot of things I’ve missed during the week. I use it to clean my home or complete any overdue tasks.

They said you shouldn’t live your life watching the clock or the calendar but I can’t help it. Ready and eager to start my weekend of not having to be on time on someone’s else clock.

When this occurs, it is time to start strategizing on how you can have your own clock and say goodbye to anxiety Friday’s. Stay with me as I try to cook something up.

One love, one unity

Multiple Baby Fathers Syndrome

“I am not having kids!”, I use to say with such disgust. Be careful what you say!

I used to feel so ashamed of the life choices I have made as far as having kids. I was young and always dismissed my mother’s wisdom. Four kids, 3 baby fathers later, I have gained the wisdom to know better. I wish it was earlier, but I cannot rewind the clock.

I felt embarrassed making appointments and going to them with all four kids. I felt sadden that I was a single mother of four. This was a red flag as well for teachers and staff to feel pity for me and treated me as a charity case. That could be a good thing, right? We all need help, I sure do!

In AAA meetings, they said the first step is acknowledging your problem. Over the years I have constantly repeated their last names for different inquiry and it has helped me tremendously. I have gotten use to saying it repeatedly and now have embraced it for what it is. I am a single mother of four with three different baby fathers.

It is not the end of my life. It is apart of my life and I still deserve greatness. Live your best life without regrets. Speak it, claim it and live with it. No shame over here!

There are others just like you so don’t think you are different!




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I am a single mother of 4 beautiful children and according to statistics I am 1 out of 5 women with multiple baby fathers. I graduated NAU with my Bachelor of Science in Management despite my odds. I was raised by a strong Jamaican woman and it’s because of her I strive to be my best for my kids despite my life choice. I enjoy traveling with my children and supporting their dreams. I love James Patterson novels and I enjoy arts & crafts from time to time.

I believe in sharing one’s experience because it reveals the fact that you are not alone in any situation or circumstances. It helps alleviate any concerns and bring awareness to empower you to keep pushing forward with grace and dignity.

So..yeah, I have 4 children (16,12,5 & 2 yr old) and 3 baby fathers, yet I am still standing. It was difficult at first to acknowledge it, but now I am standing firm with my head held high. Maybe I should host an MBD (multiple baby daddy) meeting…..

On another note, I have two sisters from my mother side. We are still growing and learning how to be sisters. It takes a village to raise a kid and we are all each others support. We all need support in our lives and thats why I have created Karina’s Keeper. I am my sisters keeper and I will do my best to support all of my sisters.

Join me on this new Journey of embracing parenting all by myself and still trying to explore the world on a budget!