Karina’s Keeper

Have you ever heard of “My Sisters Keeper”?

I came up with Karina’s Keeper from that phrase because I wanted to network with other like minded women as myself who has the same desire to help other women. I wanted to link hard working women with each other to promote a place with easy access to resources.

Lets Join forces together and share contents relating to being a sigle MoM in todays society. What are the struggles you are faced with and how did you overcome them? If you struggled to overcome this challenge, maybe another MoM can provide insight and expertise.

Are you a hair dresser? Do you have a transportation business where you transport kids from school? Are you a Notary Public? Are you an Interior Designer? Do you have a small business?

Well this is the place to be! whether you are in search for someone in your neighborhood or you are the person providing the service, lets connect here on Karina’s Keeper.

Welcome to this sisterhood and I, Karina Campbell, will be my sisters keeper.