Financial Assistance for Daycare

Did you know you might be qualified for financial assistance for daycare in your state?

We are familiar with the cost of daycare prior to this pandemic. Some would say it is equivalent to rent/mortgage. Although at times we may get discouraged because some programs are based on income, do not give up so easily. I encourage you to still try to apply for the assistance and request alternatives. Please visit for additional information.

There are work and school related programs available to assist with funding childcare in your state. Whether you are in high school, college/university or employer assisted dependent care.

  1. For high Schoolers in need visit to search your zip code for assistance.
  2. Colleges and Universities may provide discounted child care on campus, be sure to inquire within.
  3. Believe it or not, some employers allow employees to put a portion of each paycheck into a special fund to use for child care. Be sure to check with your Human Resources department (You will be surprised to see how many other benefits are provided. Discounts on cell or cable, etc. ).
  4. Some employers provides child care onsite for employees’ children at discounted price. Be sure to inquire if the company has relationships with any nearby child care programs (I received 10% I believe from my employer with light bridge academy).

Don’t forget about special discounts provided by the child care facility such as, Sliding fee scale (allowing parents to pay based on their income), Local assistance and scholarships (CCR&R), Sibling discounts (Registration fee may be waived and a discount percentage for the second child and so on), and also a military discount. Pleas eve sure to ask the facility what type of discounts they offer to ensure this facility is a best fit for your family budget.

Government programs

Child care subsidies (vouchers and fee assistance) Each state received funds to assist low-income families to pay for child care services. Please be advised that each state eligibility requirements are different. Visit the state resource page in site.

Head start and Early Start programs helps prepare children to start school early for low-income families as well. Visit Head start for additional information.

Applying in New Jersey

The following are the requirements based on New Jersey. Please visit child care website for additional information regarding your state.


  1. New Jersey resident
  2. Meet income requirements (not have assets that exceeds $1 Million)
  3. Work full time (30 hours or more), Attend school (12 credits or more).
  4. Depending on family size an income, may have to contribute to the cost (copay).
  5. child coverage up to 13 years of age
  6. US Citizen or qualified non-citizen.
  7. Providers use be either a licensed child care provider; registered family child care provider, or a home, or summer camp that is approved by state.
  8. Providers must complete health and safety training and also is required to do criminal background checks.

Just like any programs based on income, you would need to provide supporting documents, such as, 2 paystubs, Utility bill, additional income, school schedule, work schedule to determine qualifications.

Closed mouth don’t get fed! go forth and be positive to produce positive results. There is support out there for us but we just have to put our pride to the side and APPLY!

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