Pandemic Changes Everything!

Where have you been? How are you holding up? These are questions family and friends are asking each other since experiencing this life changing event. People are now ending conversations with “Stay safe”. These have been the new norm for a conversation. Kind of like hunger game or just survival of the fittest.

A lot has occurred since we first got locked down back in March, 2020. The world came to halt and just like that our lives has change. Hence why it has taken me some time to get back on here. We are not fully out of the woods but we are not on lockdown and that shows some kind of progress. Some states has reopened 100% while others are being cautious like my state, New Jersey.

Let’s recap

1. Biden/Harris is our new President/Vice President despite the allegations brought on by previous president trump claiming that the election was rigged.

2. On January 6th, After Trumps speech, his supporters went to the capital and carried out an insurrection because they supported Trumps false allegations . This ended in death and just a disgusting taste in the American people mouth.

3. Biden was inaugurated inspire of this insurrection on January 6, which I feel will hit the history books shortly. All eyes are on the president now to see if there will be more actions than words.

4. Americans has finally received the third stimulus check. While other countries receive stimulus throughout the year, America is finally making moves, or should I say “baby steps”. Even college students received the third check this round. They are also able to file taxes and receive the first two stimulus they weren’t originally qualified for.

5. They now have a vaccination for the deadly virus that took love ones lives this past year. Some Americans are skeptical for their own reasons and one of it is the fact that a vaccination was developed so quickly. This is what I’ve read and seen on social media. I believe people are growing weary of this new way of living. I personally get it! This has affected everyone someway or another, whether positive or negative.

A lot more has occurred but you get a little idea. I’ve learned a lot during this downtime. I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. A lot of small businesses was created in results of this pandemic. Inner creativeness emerged like a flower in spring time and I am here to support it.

At one point, Celebrations were done differently. Can you believe people get dressed up and sit outside to wait for our guest to drive pass their home while honking their horns to wish them happy birthday to graduation wishes? Now, we are allowed to have a gathering, but still be cautious to the size and practice social distance.

MoMs, I have to say I am truly more appreciative of my kids teacher. Being home working and assisting with homeschool was and still is a hard thing to do, but we get things done. When we left to go to work and the kids went to school, that was our little break from each other. It does not mean we do not love our family. The break brought relationship closer in the household, in my opinion. We are not fully back to where we use to be but I can see a little hope.

I just want to say welcome back to all my MoMs as well for getting back on the horse. I know for a fact that you have lost your balance at one point during this time. You may have even questioned your parenting skills once or a couple of times. Patience we’re low at times and may have fussed a little or a lot. Don’t feel guilty at all! Just remember it affected everyone including your kids. Give them a break and spend quality one on one time. They need to talk about their experience too. Let’s promise to be more easy on ourselves. Glad to see you on top again to be the best that you can be.

Signing off MoM…..

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