If I am seeing it, I know for a fact you are seeing it. What is IT?

Lets talk about it sis!

Ahmahd Arbery was shot and killed by two individuals who felt so imperior and felt the need to take someone childs life!

George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police while restrained and on the ground pleading for his life and I felt like this was dejavu. Why? While this officer pinned the gentleman down by his neck, with the little energy George had he formed the words, “I can’t breathe”.

Lets flash back to 3 years ago (2017). A father was harrassed by undercover police and was being detained because he was accused of selling cigaretts in public. Eric Gardner was also retained in handcuffs and multiple officers held him down while he pleaded for his life.How did he plea for his life? Mr. Gardner said, “I can’t breathe”.

What is it that you fear about us? What makes you so afraid that you feel your life is in harms way? What is it about us that makes you grind your teeth and wish evil upon us? What are you lacking in your life that makes you filled with such evil, jealous, ill feeling towards us? What is it?

Jealous- feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages- Dictionary.com

I have two black boys I am raising and I am worried! Why do I have to have conversatios with my boys and even my girls regarding this world we live in and advise them how to behave for the ‘What ifs’. What if a police stop you outside while riding your bicycle or a Karen may feel threaten and call police on you, which puts your life in danger.

Is this the America Trump wants to make great AGAIN? AGAIN how? Let that sink in. Pay attention to your surroundings and how people act.

Hold your kids close and pray/educate them. Take this time to spend quality time with your family. Read more and plant seeds in your young ones. I am tired and I know a lot of MoMs are too. If the death of Goerge Floyd amongst others doesnt ignite anger in you or any emotions, you are the PROBLEM!

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