Motivational Mondays

How Many MoMs dread the thought of Monday Mornings? What does it mean to you? I think everyone has share these same emotions regaridng this day. For some it is hard to get back in to the groove after a relaxing weekend. I know for it can be hectic for MoMs all around the world. We do so much on a sunday so by the time Monday comes, we are exhausted. I use to reference this day as ‘Madness Monday’, but I have decided to transform it into something great because I do believe we all deserve greatness.

Lets start embracing Monday like warriors defeating their enemies at battle. Life is what we make it, therefore Mondays are what we make of it. It is time to motivate ourselves let our goals manifest.

Uplifting Quotes for When You're in a Mommy Funk | Uplifting quotes
“Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day”- Unknown

This day may start off rough but trust there is always something to be grateful for.

Exercise: Write down one of your goals for the week. Say it out loud and put in the work!

My goal this week is to be consisitent. How many of us have made schedules or decided to make a change to our lifestyle, took it out for a test drive and left it at the end of a dirt road.

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Hi, My name is Karina and I am guilty of falling off track towards my goal and sorry to say I am a repeat offender of doing that. One thing you shouldn’t do is beat yourself up if you do. Life is too short and it’s your life, so MoM up and just do it.

Join in with me and set a goal and lets achieve it together MoMs.

Comment below on what goal you will work on starton on Motivational Monday.

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Signing off MoM

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