I wanted to share something special for those who lost their MoM. I know when this time comes around it is actually hard for you guys to handle. While some are visiting their MoMs to take them to dinner or spend time with them, others are visiting grave sites with flowers or sitting up reminiscing about their MoMs love.

I want you all to know that your MoM is so proud of you. She is smiling from ear to ear with such awe of what you have accomplished for yourself. Yes, you may have stumbled along the way. She has been there yearning to hug you physically each time. She did an amazing job with you and she knows you are doing great! Keep making her proud in heaven and she loves you.

Let us take time out of this special day to pay respect for those who have lost their MoM. Just stay in silence for 5 minutes while you relax your muscles in your body. As you release air, fully let go and let God. I don’t know who you believe in but you have to believe in something to keep pushing.

Father God thank you for being so awesome. Thank you for being so understanding. Today is a special day for some giving honor to their MoMs. I want to take this time out to ask for your strength for those who have lost their MoMs. I ask that you lift them up lord. Send your angels to encamp around them. Restore their joy, their peace. Reassure them that their MoM is proud and is anticipating their next accomplishment. We thank you and we magnify you lord. Amen, Ameen.

Stay strong and know you have a proud MoM.

If you have lost your MoM drop a comment below on how you spend this day. Share a memory. I am looking forward to hearing from you

Signing off MoM

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