Happy Mother’s Day MoMs

How are you spending your day ladies? I Mean everyday is your day, but today is when the whole world stops and make time for all MoMs. How many MoMs are acting like its the first day of school? Think back to what you were doing the night before the first day of school. I am from Brooklyn and we use to lay out our outfits the night before. I use to lay and envision what the next day would consist of. I know some of my MoMs are probly excited right now wondering what their love ones will cook for them or what kind of heartfelt gifts they will get.

Proverbs 31:25: “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.”

We are clothed in strength and dignity indeed and this is passed down from our MoM, GrandMoM, Great GrandMoM and so on. I can recall the time in my life where we loss our brother to gun violence (wrong place, wrong time). It left a hole in my MoMs heart. After we laid him to rest, we hardly had food. My Mom had a plate of food only to feed one person and I told her we should share. My MoM turned to me and said, “Go ahead and eat Kari, I will be alright”. It was in that moment I saw my MoMs strength and dignity. Despite her world crumbling round her she made sure I was ok. That very moment made an impact on my life and helped me be a better MoM. That strength is what I reference when I am struggling with challanges we are faced as MoMs. I figured if my MoM can, then I can!

MoM with my brother Garfield- RIP big Bro

Do you have a moment you shared with your MoM where she demomstrated Strength? Share your stories below.

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