Mental Check-in

Lets rewind the time right before this Pandemic. How many of you use to complain about going into the office? How many of you wish that you could work from home? Just the thought of rolling out of bed and starting your shift in the comfort of your home made you smile inside.

Lets fast forward to now, after the announcement of this pandemic. It is now approaching two months since we have been working from home, How many of you are complaining about working from home? How many of you wish that you can work at the office?

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You can’t please everyone right? Upon approving a proposal there are underlying factors that can impact your decision as to whether you will agree to it. I believe when you use to wish that you could work from home, you were assuming that the house would be yours. Your kids would be in school and your partner at his job.

Now that this pandemic affects EVERYONE and you are now forced to work from home, you might be having second thoughts. It’s not the same right? This is probably the biggest challenge you have faced in your whole life. Please do not think you are alone!

There are plenty of MoMs around the world struggling with their household as well. Can you image the MoMs that are unorganized and all over the place? Well I am that MoM. You guys already know I am in my home with 4 little mini me running wild. Call it ‘Crib Gone Wild’. The teenagers are independent, but it doesn’t mean they do not have needs. My 7 year old has school work to complete through out the week, but he requires supervision because he rather watch NetFlix.

I would love to netflix & chill, but I have to join Microsoft Team Meet to train our staff or get updated information regarding our department. It is during that time, my 4 year old decides to tell me stories and ask me for things she knows she can’t get. What do I do? I negotiate with her and offer her a cookie if she agrees to wait in the bedroom for me. This has now been my life since March 16th. “Please be quiet, Please go in the room, I have a meeting at 12…3pm too, I need the room, can someone follow Aaliyah to the bathroom (because she is afraid), Jayden, take a break even though its your fifth one”, is all I say during this work from home Pandemic.

MoMs, please don’t beat yourself up during this time. You are not alone. You are still that awesome MoM in your kids eyes. You forgot to complete something? Do it the next day. Always remember to breath. It’s a Pandemic, but you are still alive and able to keep pushing. Push for those who didn’t make it! Push because after every storm there is a rainbow at the end. Think to yourself real quick, was there a challenge you were faced with that you couldn’t overcome and get pass it?

You will make it through this. I will see you MoMs at the finish line mingling 6 ft apart!

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Comment on how you are handling working from home with your love ones. We want to hear your side of WFH!

  1. This is cute but so true! I am managing only by prayer. It’s the I need the room or can…

3 thoughts on “Mental Check-in

  1. This is cute but so true! I am managing only by prayer. It’s the I need the room or can I take a shower or sleep uninterrupted at least that use to get me!🤦🏾‍♀️


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