Working From Home During a Pandemic

The last day working in the office was March 13th. I can hardly remember things, but that date sticks out like a needle in a haystack. That was the last day of free time away from my lovely children. I am not organized. Although I am great at planning, the problem is sticking to it and seeing it through. I had the weekend to get everything in order, but instead I chose to relax and drink a few wine to prepare myself mentally. I would be working from home with a full house of kids. 1,2,3,4 kids ranging in age.

Kalilla is my oldest sweetheart who is a senior in High School and recently turned 18.

Khalil is my second sweetheart who is in 8th grade and he is 14 years old.

Jayden is my third sweetheart who is in 1st grade and he is 7 years old.

Aaliyah is my fourth and last sweetheart who is 4 years old and curious as can be.

My main focus was Jayden and Aaliyah because they were the youngest and needed guidance the most. Well, lets just say I thought wrong. This by far is the most challenging thing in my life. I respect Teachers, Lunch Aids, and stay at home MoMs. You guys Rock!

The first day was very hard to focus on my daily task at work and ensure that the kids were completing their school work. The plus sign was that Aaliyah was able to learn with her brother Jayden.

Did I question my motherhood? I sure did! what did I do? I wrote out a schedule which included Gym/music time. How long did the extra curriculum classes last? 3 days! I wasnt going to beat myself up either! for crying out loud, we are experiencing a pandemic.

Do not be hard on yourself. Use this time to build/grow spiritually/mentally. Build on your current skills. Discover your skills, enhance your skills and capitalize on your skills. No questions, just do it or ask Google and then do it!!

This is Jayden participating in school spirit week! Yes the show must go on virtually. Crazy socks day. After looking at this Christmas sweater, leads me to think it was crazy dress day period! Lol he chose it

We also celebrated Kalilla’s 18th birthday during this pandemic. The year that she has been waiting for started to look dim. She deserved this celebration!

Looks good right? Nothing big really. I just bought Starbucks ice dark roasted coffee, French vanilla creamer and whip cream and mix them myself. Really helped relieved the stress and gave me a boost of energy.

This pandemic doesn’t have to get the best of you. There are others out there doing worse than you. Thank God that I am already a homebody. I just hope the extrovert will survive this.

Stay safe, stay focus

Signing off MoM

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