ER: Stuck Between Pain and Copay

Most people analyze their sickness thoroughly before heading to the ER because of the high copay. Copay use to be $100 and now has increased a whole $100.00. Not $5, $25, or even $40. Copay is now $200! The stress level has increased with it.

On Saturday September 8th, I decided to cook. I normally don’t cook on a Saturday, but school has started back for the kids. I was making some baked Mac n cheese and I wanted to go hard on the cheese. Put an umph on it, level up, exclamation mark it! I had shredded cheese in my refrigerator but wanted to get a different kind of cheese. I bought a block of Monterey cheese mixed with something else. I also picked up a cheese grater to shred it. I finished the Mac n cheese but wanted to add that umph I was telling you about, on top of the Mac n cheese. I was moving too fast trying to get it done and didn’t position the grater correctly.

Swoosh! RED. That’s all I saw. Panic mode but I have to remain calm because it’s actually my body. I grater my thumb and it was deep. Automatically I wrapped the bad boy to at least stop the bleeding but the way the blood was deep red I knew I had to go to the Emergency Room!

I get there, Princeton hospital aka Penn Med, signed in and got prescreen. Tic toc, waited a decent 10 minutes before being called into the room. Only to be told “please have a seat we will be with you shortly”. Hell, I could have remained seated outside still if that’s the case. Time went by came back around and went by again. The doctor came in and evaluated the wound and determined that I would need 2-3 stitches. My nerves shot up! She explained that she would have to numb the surrounding area and inside the deep wound. 🤦🏾‍♀️palm to face like really Karina! I was so annoyed with myself. I counted to three like a big ass kid and instructed her when she can start the process. I called that lady out of her name and then had to apologize for it. Now, this behavior is coming from a mother who had four C-Sections and appendectomy done in the past. Nevertheless, the doctor did a good job in my eyes stitching me up. Ended up being 4 stitches, she 🤥 LIED… lol

The billing lady came in gather information and then said ” the copay is $200, how would you like to pay?”. I said “the devil is a lie, I don’t have that today but mail me my bill”. She said, “have a nice day Ms. Campbell”. This is America! Work hard for chump change and the moment I injure myself you want me to offer my arm and legs also. Thank you lord that I don’t have anything worse than a small wound and the fact that I’m fat (I’m working on that. It’s been 2 years struggle but I’m working on it.. lol).

After experiencing this minor injury I am thinking about buying some glue because maybe I can do it at home. Or even locate my nearest urgent care location because that would be $50 as to oppose to paying $200. It’s approaching two weeks now and I’m able to move my thumb with minimum pain. When in doubt, suck it up and go to the ER. Can’t have regrets in your coffin.

P.S. I have discarded the grater. As small as this wound was, I was traumatized because it kept replaying in my head.

Signing off Grater finger

Love & Unity (Lee)

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