Target: to shop or not to

Who doesn’t like shopping at Target? At first I was hesitant becasue its expensive for one and was above my budget. I always went to walmart for my needs before giving Target a thought. Walmart is a one stop shopping center that os very affordable. One downfall is that eveyr single walmart store I’ve been in seem to lack cashiers. It cna be the most busiest day of the week and they will only have 2-4 lanes open. It’s as if that was set up in their manul handbook. There are ways to get around the high price at target.

Target has an app called ‘Cartwheel’ which offers discounts on certain items. Just the other day I went and bought 4 Vaseline lotions (10oz) for $7.66 and also received $5.00 Target card. I also bought two Nutrisse hair coloring product for a total of $8.58 and also received a $5.00 Target card. Nutrisee can be as expensive as $8.00 each.

Target has 70% of their register open and ready for their customers. The associates are more friendly and maybe it has something to do with the pay rate and benefits. This doesn’t meman that I will never go to walmart again. Matter of fact, I went to walmart tonight and bought a few cheap, affordable items. Guess what? it wasn’t busy at all.

I went to the one on rt 130 in East Windsor and it might be my home Walmart. I’ll keep you posted after I visit it during the day. I will be shopping at both stores because just like everything youre face with, will have a pro and con to it.


Signing off, yours truly

Single MoM of four



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