Airbnb: to be or not to be

It’s hard to trust anything in this day and age and I blame it on the shows I watch. From “snapped”, “Criminal Minds” and the list goes on! I’ve been drained to them and now it has affected me in the ability to trust certain things like Airbnb. It was nerve recking to think about reserving a room from a host. I was referred to Airbnb by a colleague at work and I said, “I’m going to give it a try”. It was cheap!

I signed up for the app and created a profile with my picture. I began to narrow my search for the Orlando area. I found a few places and then read reviews and stared deeply at the host profile picture. We stayed from Sunday to Saturday and I believe it was $275 in which I split the payment into two. What a deal! In a regular hotel I would have been paying between $700-$800 for that length of stay.

It was located in a gated community and the host greeted us at the door. He gave us a set of keys which unlocked the front door and the master bedroom. The room had two queen beds and it was spacious for both my daughter and I. The host had kids but we never saw them. The only time we heard anything was when they were having breakfast and even then, it wasn’t loud. I wish my kids were quiet like them.

We weren’t always there because we had theme park tickets. We would leave around 8:00 and return around 11:00pm. We had access to the host Netflix account and the temperature was perfect!

I would recommend Airbnb to anyone who wants to save money! I think it’s a great idea for penny pinchers like myself. I mean who doesn’t want to save money!

Don’t be skeptical about it. Like everything else, READ the reviews!

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