Is being comfortable holding you back?

I have been working for Integra LifeSciences for 6 years now. I enjoy doing what I do at this company. I’ve moved up to a coordinator position and it’s been good ever since. I love the fact that they work with me in regards to my personal life which sometimes requires emergency leave. Whether it’s the kids doctor appointment or my own, I am able to get the time off needed. I work hard to gain that benefit by being dependable and produce high volume productivity.

I graduated National American University August of 2018 with my Bachelor of Science in Management. I am currently preparing my mental state to take the exam for the medical biller. It cost a lot of money and I need to be focus at this time to complete it. I am proud of my accomplishment considering my minor setbacks in life.

So what’s holding me at this job?

1. It is five minutes away from home, which makes it close by to my kids school

2. Consistent income

3. Easy data entry work which I have mastered.

4. The ability of to respond to an emergency quickly from the kids school.

5. Colleagues are easy to work with and makes it fun to work.

6. Insurance….. good insurance

7. Reliable

There are a lot of positions opening in other companies but they are starting employees off as temps with no benefits. How can a single mother survive without insurance and has one child with braces?

I am too comfortable at this job because it provides a steady income. Some say FEAR holds us back from achieving our goals. Fear could well be why I’m COMFORTABLE where I’m at. Just a different way of saying it.

Things to do: submit my resume to the other company and be content with whatever the results are.

We all deserve greatness and I am eager to obtain it one way or another. Be blessed not stressed

Celebrated my work sissy birthday before she went on vacation!

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