Hair: To cut or not to cut

I decided to take my mother to the barber shop to get her hair cut. She normally wears a high top and leaves her hair naturally gray. I’ve been rocking weave non stop and purchased three wigs within a month and a half. I would roughly spend $60 each and that time I would have spent a total of $180.00.

I sat there waiting with my mom and made the decision right then and there to cut my hair. I always said hair does not define my beauty. Thanks to India Irie. It was nerve recking in the beginning of the process while sitting in the barbers chair. As he lined me up I had a different mindset. I felt renewed and ready for something new.

It’s odd to see a woman with shaved head but I didn’t care what people thought about my new cut. I did worry about one persons opinion and that was my five year old son Jayden. He is always vocal and says whatever comes to his mind. Jayden walked in the room with an awkward smile and said ” what?!! You cut your hair?! You look UGLY”. I laughed so loud and I wasn’t bothered by it. I expected it. That didn’t stop him from checking on me and kissing me to let me know he missed me. Despite what people may think is mean, Jayden loves me unconditionally.

I love myself unconditionally and therefore I love my hair cut unconditionally too. When you do things in life , do it for yourself. The only persons input that should mean something the most will be yourself and your closest love ones. Be bold and Walk in your boldness head on. In my case, hair off.

Be blessed not stressed signing off

Rina or whatever

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