Meal Prep is not for a 9-5 MoM

How many have found themselves intrigued by watching YouTube videos of meal prepping and snack prepping for their family on a weekly basis? I know I have! I probably watched every single video pertaining to it. Guess what I did? I went out shopping for grocery and supplies to actually give it a twirl. I was super excited as if I was about to save the world and conquer this motherhood finally. I had all my color markers on deck to label the bags and cartons to hold the bags to be more organized. So much joy and anxiety to see the end results. I started preparing the snacks first and said I would cook later.

Downhill madness! First off, make sure you have eaten a sensible meal before doing this, but not too much where you get the itis! This was a bit extreme and I wanted someone to come and tag me out. I needed a break. I couldn’t even finish preparing the snacks. Remind you I have 4 kids plus myself! I’m exhausted typing the number 4.

Everything else came to mind as if I was going through some kind of withdrawal. I was having regrets questioning myself “am I this crazy to think I can meal/snack prep along with all the other task that needed to be completed before Monday?”, “I just had to have 4 kids!, not 2 but 4”. I then had to do a process of elimination as to what will not get done this weekend so my kids and I can go to our bed at a decent time.

Needless to say, it was a very smooth Monday morning because everything was packaged. It allowed me to have more time to do things and move at a comfortable pace. It does help monitor what the kids eat and how much they eat. Usually, they help their self and don’t think about the next day, which is expensive for a single mother like myself.

Will I be doing this again? Absolutely to the…… NO! I’ll prob do it for every 2-3 days but that’s about it. My time is valuable and I rather spend it with my kids and other worthy things. If there is a single working mother of 4 or more kids, that are meal and snack prepping, I would like to say “God bless your heart! You go girl”. When you are finish at your house come see me.

Signing off MoM Keeper

I am my sisters keeper

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