Multiple Baby Fathers Syndrome

“I am not having kids!”, I use to say with such disgust. Be careful what you say!

I used to feel so ashamed of the life choices I have made as far as having kids. I was young and always dismissed my mother’s wisdom. Four kids, 3 baby fathers later, I have gained the wisdom to know better. I wish it was earlier, but I cannot rewind the clock.

I felt embarrassed making appointments and going to them with all four kids. I felt sadden that I was a single mother of four. This was a red flag as well for teachers and staff to feel pity for me and treated me as a charity case. That could be a good thing, right? We all need help, I sure do!

In AAA meetings, they said the first step is acknowledging your problem. Over the years I have constantly repeated their last names for different inquiry and it has helped me tremendously. I have gotten use to saying it repeatedly and now have embraced it for what it is. I am a single mother of four with three different baby fathers.

It is not the end of my life. It is apart of my life and I still deserve greatness. Live your best life without regrets. Speak it, claim it and live with it. No shame over here!

There are others just like you so don’t think you are different!



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